Torn Heart

What took me along?

surely it was really really long,

when there was no where I belonged.

If you had some place,

there would be no grace,

as your evolution would go wrong.

If you had to take a turn,

there's nothing left to burn,

while you played something along.

So why did you have my heart?

You joked at me, left me, shot me,

and tore me apart and let a giant crater in my heart.

There's truly nothing left for me.

I ran away because of you,

because you're my destiny.

You tore me apart.

There's nothing left,

but a crater in my heart.

You tore me apart.

There's nothing left,

but the sounds of what got ripped,

ripped from the start.

I had to make a choice,

there was nothing with the noise,

but your beautiful voice.

You showed me the world,

there's a beautiful story,

left untold.

My life's about to unfold,

because of,

because you were my conscience's choice.

Why would you take me in?

While others throw me out,

as you chose integrity.

Life took a detour,

but you still,

listened me.

I had this turn,

I had this fear,

you heard my heart tear apart.

but now listen from the start.

Why would you take me in while others threw me out,

it must be weird, it must be crazy,

but we'll figure it out.

let's take a detour and trouble it all in,

because you heard my,

heard my heart tear.